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How Gamefox Infinity Accelerates P2E From the New GameFi Track


As an emerging industry that only began to attract attention in 2017, GameFi keeps developing bothin its market and gameplay, but "mining" has always been the upstream and core of all tracks. In essence, BTC's bookkeeping mining, DeFi's staking mining and Gamefi's P2E mining are all rely on mining to obtain excess profits. Exploring the changes in the entire mining industry may help us get some inspiration for the future trends of GameFi's P2E mining.

BTC Mining-from individual mining to cloud computing power

Bitcoin mining can be simply understood as people get rewards through bookkeeping. Only after the correct value is calculated in the bookkeeping, users can get the reward-Bitcoin, and then they get a profit after selling the Bitcoin. Only a small amount of energy and financial resources need to be paid in the process of mining.

Bitcoin mining machines are computers used to earn bitcoins, and personal computers can be used to do calculations to mine at the beginning. However, as more people joined, they fight for computing power. Then it developed to the era of graphics card mining, and then upgraded to the current era of professional chip mining machines. And the computing power of a chip mining machine is far from enough, therefore computing power cluster appears, also known as the mining pool, an open and fully automatic mining platform. Miners connect their mining machines to the mining pool, contribute their computing power to mine together, and then earn profits. Because a mining pool can increase the probability of mining success. After Bitcoin being mined out, each mining machine will be rewarded according to its contribution to the total computing power.

However, the threshold is still very high for ordinary people to purchase mining machines with hundreds of thousands of units to participate in mining. Therefore, in order to adapt to the huge demand for mining in the market, mining products such as cloud computing power platforms have gradually emerged. 2019 is the first year of cloud computing power for mining, and many standardized cloud computing power products have appeared.

So what is cloud computing power? If you want to mine, you don’t even need to buy a mining machine. You only need to purchase cloud computing power contracts through the platform, lease computing power for mining, and obtain income at regular intervals. The advantage of cloud mining is that users do not need to have a deep understanding of mining principles and various software and hardware, or purchase expensive mining machines, and do not need to maintain them 24 hours a day. As long as you place an order to purchase computing power, you can participate in mining, similar to buying income rights products. It is the financialization of computing power.

At present, there are already more than 50 cloud computing platforms in the world, and this is a market expected to be at least $100 billion. 

In addition to BTC mining, Filcoin mining, a leading decentralized storage project, is also a hot topic for mining.

Fil Mining-from IDC computer room to loan mining 

Filecoin mining is more complicated than traditional mining coins such as Bitcoin/Ethereum. Ethereum is mining with graphics cards, and Bitcoin is mining with chips. You can participate in mining with only a power network, whose requirement is very low. Filecoin is more troublesome due to its mechanism design. The first is the IDC computer room with professional storage conditions. You may be unfamiliar with the IDC computer room. Simply put, it is equivalent to a professional computer room for storage services such as China Mobile Telecom Unicom to achieve Filecion storage conditions. Moreover, the IDC computer room needs certain qualifications to approve the construction, otherwise it can only be rented. In addition to providing storage space, staked coins like FIL need to be provided. Therefore, both hardware and other costs are very high.

Fortunately, some projects have already launched the computing power lending products of the Filecoin network. The computing power owner only needs to provide the full deposit node account and apply to platform, then the platform will lend the computing power to them to mine. If you only have coins, you can also deposit coins on the platform and earn interest. At the same time, the platform will also tokenize and bring NFT to computing power, which will not only reshape the entire PoW computing power industry, but also change the demand trend of the primary and secondary markets of cryptocurrency, and then de-trust the computing power market, affecting the ecology of the entire industry.

It is not difficult to see that with the development of web3.0, more and more new project and mining mechanisms will become more innovative and complex, and individual mining often requires the help of relevant technology platforms to achieve their goals.

GameFi- from P2E Guilds to P2E Gameforce

According to Messari data, Axie Infinity, the GameFi leader, its total revenue in the third quarter was $781.6 million, a 48-fold increase from the one in the second quarter, which $15.9 million. Its token AXS also rose by 144.3% within 7 days, which is inseparable from the boost of the Yield Guild Games (YGG),a Philippine Game Guild.

The continued growth in the demand for more game rewards has indirectly driven the YGG Discord community to exceed 38,000 members, an increase of 95% since June. The guild can earn $580,000 a week.

So, how does this type of P2E guild work? First of all, YGG will screen and participate in potential or popular blockchain games through DAO. The guild will concentrate on purchasing game props and assets, obtain tokens, and finally organize to play to earn. The YGG model solves the pain points of holders "have props but no time" and people "have time but no props" to a certain extend. At the same time, the member recruitment model based on community managers greatly reduces the guild’s management costs.

However, the drawbacks of this type of guild are also obvious. At present, its source of income mainly comes from AXS this single game. There are problems such as simplification of source of income and high game investment threshold, and there is a clear limitation for scale expansion.

Based on the development history of the main mining industry we introduced above, it is clear that GameFi can also follow its ideas and develop its P2E (mining) method that meets the characteristics of the industry. How to get more users to participate in GameFi with the least cost and the lowest learning threshold is the key pain point and demand of the current market.

The Gameforce Contract was launched under this industry trend, and it was the first standardized product aimed at Axie's P2E(Mining). Users only need to spend 130U to purchase the spot contract of the Gameforce, and the platform will play Axie games for them. The estimated annualized income can reach over 300%. As the token price rises, the annualized income will be higher. 

Ordinary users participating in Axie are likely to face a series of difficulties, such as high thresholds to participation, high cost to purchase accounts, high gas consumption, no professional P2E strategy, difficulty in earning good returns, etc.

If you directly participate in Gameforce Contract to join P2E, the platform will aggregate all computing power and distribute it to users. Real-time delivery in 365 days, 108U cost. The fastest return cycle only takes 60 days, there is no risk of account banning.

The market opportunity of Gameforce Contract is that it provides individual players with a more relaxed investment method. The cost is lower than the market price and the risk are shared with the Gamefox Infinity. The cost reduced while the profit increased.

Low threshold

It is suitable for most investors. As the price of AXS rises, individuals or guilds need to invest in higher costs and cycles to earn. Gameforce Contract enables users to choose to purchase only a part of the Contract, whose cost is controllable.

No additional cost

Play to earn on your own often requires investing a large amount of money to purchase accounts, equipment and other gas consumption costs. In Gamefox, users only need to invest the Contract. 

No time required

All game accounts will be maintained by a professional P2E team hired internally by Gamefox, and the revenue will be distributed according to the number of contracts purchased by the user. Users only need to log in occasionally to view the revenue. 

Low risk

The price of AXS tokens fluctuates greatly and investment risks are high. Investors who do not understand the market are often prone to losses. Gamefox Infinity provides investors with professional advice to minimize the risks.

The significant stage for GameFi has arrived. Just like BTC mining before 2016, it is the best time to accumulate wealth. According to Dappradar's research report, as of the end of July, the number of users in the GameFi sector has exceeded 780,000, an increase of more than 170 times compared to the beginning of last year. From March to July, the number of daily active users in the wallets of GameFi also increased by 700%. Similarly, as of the end of July, the GameFi market attracted nearly $1 billion in investment. 

Gamefox Infinity will lead nearly a million Gamefi users into an easier and more profitable P2E era!  

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