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Rebuild The Home: Rebuild the Homes for Refugees in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Let RTH Holders Get 100-fold Wealth



Peace is the theme of today's era, but local conflicts continue to unfold. On February 24, 2022, this day is the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is also the day that innocent civilians in the Russia-Ukraine conflict began to suffer from the catastrophic damage caused by the war. Their homes were destroyed, their wives were separated, and they even lost their lives. Relatives have been lost, refugees are surging everywhere, and the living security environment is deteriorating, which affects the hearts of the people who initiated Rebuild The Home.082d2d4c2c07b3a5360f4d50da40625

Rebuild The Home was born with the mission of rebuilding their homes "for the refugees in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict". Through the non-profit organization Rebuild The Home American Foundation, unite encrypted digital peace lovers from all over the world to build and operate the Rebuild The Home platform. All proceeds from the platform will be used to rebuild the homes of refugees in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This is making history Sexual events, and there is no glorious and proud career! We believe that this goal can be achieved, and we also believe that every encrypted digital user in the world will boldly participate in it with compassion, and work together to help refugees in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict rebuild their homes.

In order to more efficiently motivate and influence more people around the world to participate in Rebuild The Home and rebuild their homes for refugees in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Rebuild The Home will issue 224 million $RTH to reward the refugees in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict for rebuilding their homes Donated by global peace lovers, caring people, Ukrainian friends, etc.


The issuance of 224 million miles of $RTH has a special meaning. 224 million represents the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on February 24. It also means that innocent civilians in the Russia-Ukraine conflict will lose their homes from this day, and it also means that this is an epoch-making day! It represents the end of a good era and the beginning of a bad era, and more importantly, it represents the beginning and determination of Rebuild The Home to rebuild their homes for the refugees in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.


In order to allow people all over the world to participate more efficiently in rebuilding their homes for "refugees in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict", Rebuild The Home has simplified the participation process, which is relatively simple and smooth. Users only need to exchange USDT for $RTH governance tokens. In order to meet the enthusiasm of more and different groups of people to participate in the "Rebuild Home" program, we have formulated different donation levels to meet the donation needs of different users around the world. Donation subscription is divided into 7 levels from 100U to 10000U, and each person has no limit on the number of subscriptions. After the subscription is over, the $RTH will be released linearly at 1% per day. $RTH has a total supply of 224 million, which is not reserved for the project team nor paid to its founders or developers. All tokens are rewarded to donors and contributors through certain ratios and reward rules.

When users get $RTH, it means that every participating builder will jointly realize the mission vision of Rebuild The Home. Moreover, $RTH holders are the managers of the Rebuild The Home Foundation. They can vote on the governance proposals of the Rebuild The Home Foundation through the snapshot governance page, and decide on the future development direction of "Rebuilding Homes for Refugees in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict".

It must be a long-term process for the refugees in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to rebuild their homes, and production order needs to be gradually restored. Rebuild The Home calls on encrypted digital people all over the world to show their love together, more people are more powerful. I believe this is the vision of people all over the world, and it is in the interest of the development of human society. At the same time, the builders of Rebuild The Home, we are making history, this era will be better because of us! Era will also reward the holders of $RTH with wealth worth 100 times!

Believe that there is light in the world, and believe that $RTH allows all participants to have a "happy home"!

Website: https://rebuildthehome.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTH_Foundation

Telegram: https://t.me/RTH_official/

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