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Nongfu Spring's Creative Marketing Is Outside Box, Continuing the Legend of the Industry with Unique Creativity


Advertising marketing was only served to better promote goods in the past, but now it represents not just a product manual, but a mobile advertising platform, which carries the cultural connotation of a brand and plays a key part in establishing emotional contact with consumers. Nongfu Spring knows well how to build itself through advertising. Thinking outside of the common marketing tricks, Nongfu Spring markets not only new products but also new categories, which is hard to replicate, thus contributing new significance to the development of the drinking water market.

When it comes to Nongfu Spring, most people will naturally think of its slogans that "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet" and "We do not produce water. We are just porters of nature". The advertising slogan "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet" not only conforms to the product features, but also highlights its high quality; Nongfu Spring creates products with significant differences, so it is able to quickly open the market while other homogeneous products are going through furious competitions.

Right after that, Nongfu Spring successively launched micro film advertisements including the Last Kilometer, the Lifeline of Taibai Mountain, 120 Miles and One Day's Holiday. By recording employees’ story with Nongfu Spring and expressing pursuits of the enterprise in a different perspective, these advertisements integrate the spirit of partnership and highlight the “port of nature” attribute. Besides, Nongfu Spring partnered with UnionPay to tell the story between Nongfu Spring and the children in mountain areas by taking the bottle of Nongfu Spring natural water as the carrier and the poems written by these children as the content. It is reported that Bottle of Poetry launched by Nongfu Spring and UnionPay is printed with 24 poems of those children’s on 100 million bottles of Nongfu Spring, and then put on the shelves of various local supermarket to reach more consumers through offline physical contact. Additionally, each bottle comes with a two-dimensional code on its bottle body, and by scanning the code, consumers can hear those children reading their own poems and get a deeper understand of their feelings.

Nongfu Spring also cooperated with Onmyoji, a mobile game IP, to better communicate with generation Z. From all these marketing efforts we can see that Nongfu Spring is striving to inject young elements to its brand and achieving brand rejuvenation. To precisely reach the younger market, Nongfu Spring is working hard on market layout to make product extension and breakthroughs in category.

Nongfu Spring is doubling down on multi-category layout and expansion to more healthy categories of tea drinks, juice drinks, plant drinks and other products beyond its coffee, sports drinks and non-alcoholic beverage products. It is also making great efforts to develop the large categories that are matched with its channel features and enjoy development scale and growth potential. The two-pronged approach of Nongfu Spring focusing on both the development of water and beverage caters to more consumer groups, more scenarios and more drinking opportunities. Let's wait and see what new launches Nongfu Spring will bring in the coming days.

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