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Nongfu Spring’s Pioneering Road of Agriculture: 17.5° May Become the Next Tipping Point of the Industry


In recent years, off-trade capital has started to engage with planting and selling upstream agricultural products, and increasing amounts of capital has entered the agricultural sector. On the one side, it drives the branding process of domestic agriculture from low-end to a higher level. On the other it shows that the food and beverage industry giants place great value on upstream channels. Nongfu Spring acts as pioneer in entering agriculture sector and expanding its "agricultural territory".

When it comes to Nongfu Spring, the first thing that comes to peoples mind is water. But actually Nongfu Spring has expanded its footprint in various kinds of categories over the recent years, launching apple, orange, rice, yogurt... The agricultural territory of Nongfu Spring also keeps expanding. In 2017, Nongfu Spring, who was committed to mountain spring, began to sell oranges and debuted its orange product at JD.COM. The brand name 17.5° is not just a logo, but represents the promise of Nongfu Spring. According to the long-term agricultural tracking data of the United States, the standard sugar acid ratio of orange is 12.5°-20.5°, so 17.5° stands as the middle value captured by Nongfu Spring. At the G20 Hangzhou summit held in September 2017, Nongfu Spring 17.5° Orange juice is designated as official juice for entertaining heads of state from all over the world, thus enabling it to stand on the international stage.

Relying on its independent technology, Nongfu Spring overcomes the worldwide problem that "navel orange can't be juiced" and launched 17.5° NFC juice based on twenty years of aseptic filling technology innovation. It is self-sufficient and forms an industrial chain. Normal temperature NFC juice debuted in 2016, and at the beginning of 2018, Nongfu Spring 17.5° Apple came into the market. From 17.5 ° Orange to 17.5° Apple, Nongfu Spring is dedicated to shaping the brand concept as well as building the industry standard through 17.5°.

Whether it is the "small-scale battle" of 17.5° or the "salami tactics" of the navel orange factory, Nongfu Spring advances gradually and entrenches oneself at every step. Its entry strategy into the the agricultural sector is not aimed to "make fast money", but strives to lay agricultural base and build the whole industrial chain model of navel orange. The navel orange industry has produced extension effect at the moment, which can not only deliver on the demands of Nongfu Spring, but also provide upstream resources to other beverage enterprises. No matter evaluate from which level, the navel orange industry represents a rare exquisite layout of FMCG industry in recent years.

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