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Nongfu Spring Plays Around With Crossover Marketing: Another little-known Side of the Classic Brand


In recent years, Nongfu Spring has been playing around with crossover collaborations quite well in various fields and adopting various creative marketing forms from consumers angle to arouse resonance with consumers and build up brand preference. The reason behind its efforts is that Nongfu Spring is devoted to focusing on the meaning behind the products, outputting the humanistic feelings of the brand with all its heart and passing on its persistence behind the products.

Each ordinary bottle of Nongfu Spring not only displays the four seasons of nature, but is rich in cultural atmosphere in every drop of water. To make the brand go deeper into peoples hearts, Nongfu Spring launched the Spring Festival Edition of New Year range which printed family-related elements on the bottle body and expressed the best wishes for the new year with 14 bless words. It conveys good wishes for the new year as well as gives the bottled water auspicious meaning.

Aside from making in-depth exploration to the product values, Nongfu Spring also puts a high value on crossover corporations, including the jointly launched limited edition Bottle of the Imperial Palace partnered with Palace Museum. In 2019, the crossover case of Nongfu Spring  and Palace Museum named "dream back to the Imperial Palace: bottle water tells new stories" won the gold award for design services of 2019 ROI Awards. The words written on the placard are that "Royal we does not take dream as horse, but it is the reason why riding on the horse. For the peace of the nation and the people, gallop in the starry night", which endows the co-branding bottle water with profound cultural heritage and makes it a big hitter with young people.

Besides, Nongfu Spring partnered with Netease Cloud Music to print 30 selected copies from Netease Cloud Music on 400 million bottles of water. The packaging design of the "Music Review Bottle" uses the pattern of Netease Cloud Music vinyl record to outline the classic image of Nongfu Spring with mountains and waters. Here are music reviews printed on the bottle body with the emotional words speak the hearts of many people. Every song is just like a bottle of water. Only those who drink it know its real taste. AR is available on the bottle body. Open Netease Cloud Music, select the AR option to scan the bottle body, and there will be starry sky on the phone interface, which delivers an immersive experience to users, Hit the star icon and then a random music review will pop out. By the crossover cooperation with Netease Cloud Music, Nongfu Spring has successfully endowed its bottle water with social attributes, which became hugely popular as soon as debuted on the market.

With the wide spread advertising slogans and golden copywriting, Nongfu Spring has continuously penetrated the brand image into audiences mentality. At the moment, it has implanted its natural and healthy concept deeply into the hearts of consumers and has stood as a warm brand with empathy rather than just a common mineral water brand.

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