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More convenient, smarter, and safer,happy Exchange-the new favorite of digital asset trading


Founded in 2019 in the Virgin Islands and headquartered in Singapore, happy Exchange is the world's leading digital financial derivatives exchange, providing an independent platform for global users to trade cryptocurrencies, using a matching engine and wallet technology to facilitate users to trade cryptocurrencies using BTC, ETH, USDT more conveniently, providing privacy protection. It provides high-quality personal butler services to millions of community members worldwide 24 hours a day.

The core team has been working in the field of finance and blockchain technology for years, providing strategic planning for a large number of blockchain technology platforms and core services for many financial institutions, with very strong global strategic operation capabilities and rich experience in financial risk control management.

happy Exchange introduces the world's top traditional banking financial risk control system, adopts multiple underlying security technologies, establishes an internal regulatory warning system, and sets up a risk reserve mechanism to provide users with a safer environment for cryptocurrency transactions.

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