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MemesWorld:Ecological integration of the encrypted universe, hug close the big fish in a pond and make money fast


After the metaverse detonated the GameFi, the new GameFi format has been opened. Since a few months ago, the encrypted community has set off a "GameFi fever". The Axie Infinity GameFi project with the concept of GameFi metaverse led the entire GameFi sector to rise with the myth of an overall increase of more than 600 times, continuously hitting the hot search list of the industry. Giant capital is paying more and more attention to metaverse, Gamefi, and NFT, and they have begun to layout. 

On October 29, the social media Facebook announced at the annual Connect conference that it officially changed its name to Meta, which will begin trading under the stock symbol "MVRS" on December 1. Under this heat, more high-quality projects in the field of GameFi will spring up like mushrooms. Among them, MemesWorld has become a leader among the new forces and one of the standard answers for the implementation of the digital virtual concept with a diverse collection of metaverse + NFT + Meme + social interaction. 

Introduction to MemesWorld

MemesWorld is the world's first metaverse project that combines NFT, social, and Meme mechanisms. In this metaverse social world composed of animals, users can freely design animal images and generate NFT works by paying certain tokens.  

Mission and vision

Animals only inherit GEME (biological genes), and only intelligent life is able to inherit MEME (cultural genes). 

What is the difference between humans and animals? Not walking upright, but inheriting MEME. And NFT is the messenger of inheriting human cultural genes through blockchain. As a pioneer in the field of GameFi, MemesWorld aims to inherit cultural genes through the blockchain and integrate financial elements into the game so that players can make money during the game. 

Project features

High-quality content: MemesWorld takes the experience to a new level through special games and applications.

Token design: The mobile Internet has forever changed the game pattern, but the token economy will further change it. 

NFT products in mainstream markets: All user-created NFT works can become collectibles/trading items through the two major value prediction indicators of MemesWorld

√Optimal Filter--- The most reliable long-term value predictor

√The Worst Filter--- Pass the least reliable long-term value predictor

MemesWorld is an online multiplayer game, whose mode is similar to the extremely popular "The Sims", but it is an animal version of the Sims. Imagine that from the creation of Coin with the Meme concept as the core to the ecological boundary of users' free creation of NFT, players can not only enjoy the appreciation of coins that they hold, but also become creators and collectors of modern digital art. NFT works that pass the two major value prediction indicators of MemesWorld will become collection-level high-quality works and obtain market trading rights. MemesWorld, which emerged in the hot bull market atmosphere of the coin circle, is to help you find your own blockchain value. Life is a circle, and some people have not walked out of the circle drawn by fate for a lifetime. In fact, every point on the circle has a soaring tangent. MemesWorld has a glamorous background and a rising momentum, whose unique advantages also make us full of infinite space for imagination about the future of MemesWorld. As a high-quality pioneer in the ecological integration of the encrypted universe, hug close the big fish in a pond as soon as possible and make money fast.

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