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Maikex Trading Platform Starts Registration by Invitation Code


As a mainstream trading platform in Asia, Maikex has an experienced technical team to ensure that the Maikex trading platform can operate stably all year round. Maikex Wallet’s unique method to separate hot and cold wallet can ensure the safety of user assets.

Maikex platform is governed through a community approach. In order to ensure the platform’s fairness, justice, openness and transparency, Maikex binds the platform’s token MZK to its equity. This feature has gained the attention of the Fuji Group in Japan, which suddenly bought a large amount of MZK in September and became the second largest shareholder of Maikex, which is also the reason for the crazy price rise of MZK.

Since Fuji Group joined, Maikex has become a major trading platform in Asia with a wildly growing number of users. For the sake of users' operating experience on the platform and the stability of the server, Maikex has started a registration by the mandatory invitation code method to control user registration. In recent times, new users will not be able to access the Maikex trading platform without an invitation code from an existing user.

With the launch of the MZK miner and the on-chain issuance of the MZK token, the MZK price is destined to continue to rise and get popular around the world, as it has unlimited potential.

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