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MIS Metaverse—a new era of the world


Minions NFT is an open, social, virtual reality world powered by blockchain.

Supported by Multicoin Capital,RRE Ventures,Boost VC,Andreessen Horowitz,Universal Picture United Google Technologies.

The five types of institutions are as follows

Agency's PRC:

Multicoin Capital US Blockchain Investment Agency, July 2021, participated in the encryption metauniverse ecological platform Minions_NFT

Agency's PRC:

In January, Case, API experts Gem and Ripple Labs., a provider of Minions_NFT merchant payment processor BitPay, hardware Wallet, who participated in the cryptographic trading platform

Agency's PRC:

In March 2021, Boost VC participated in Minions_NFT, the crypto trading platform

Founded in 2013, it has been one of the most active investors in the digital currency sector.

Agency's PRC:

In June 2021, Andreessen Horowitz participated in Minions_NFT, the crypto trading platform

Andreessen Horowitz projects include Ripple Labs, digital payment company Bitcoin trading platform and wallet service provider Coinbase, Bitcoin Mining Company TradeBlock, OpenBazaar, a 21 Inc, virtual currency data service provider, with a total investment of about US $227 million, accounting for about 1 / 4 of the total investment in Bitcoin and blockchain fields.

Agency's PRC:

In July 2021, Universal Pictures (Universal Picture) joined Minions_NFT of the metaUniverse trading platform

Universal Pictures (Universal Picture), alias Universal Pictures, is one of the major producers of film and television studios worldwide, was founded on June 8,1912 and headquartered in the United States.

The company was one of Hollywood's historic companies and became the strongest Hollywood studio in the company's founding phase.By the 20's the company began to decline.In the 1970s, it returned to the ranks of Hollywood's top companies, working with famous directors such as Spielberg, Lucas, and released films such as "Jaws", "Alien" and "Jurassic Park", entering the 21st century, and became the Hollywood company specializing in developing sequel films and comedies.

Ecological construction

[Project profile]

Minions NFT is the NFT asset standard on the Minions blockchain, from the community team that reshaping the open game ecosystem through Minions NFT's standardized NFT logic.The smart contract trading platform includes the DeFi lending sector and replacement card games with complete game rules and world view.Build new DeFi+NFT ecological infrastructure, support the "double mining mechanism" of liquidity mining and NFT cloud computing mining, and release the DAO governance tokens MIS, to allow the most active creator users on Minions to vote for the platform and participate in community autonomy.

[Project highlights]

1, NFT Open gaming ecosystem.As a non-homogeneous proof of the game, for special equipment and props; as the securities / tool tokens of the game, to participate in the economic and ecological model of the game; as an open prop of the game, to build a cross-game ecosystem.

2, Minions is combined with DeFi (decentralized finance) to form a complete economic system.Infrastructure decentralized exchange lending insurance derivatives liquidity mining aggregator, etc.

3, Community autonomous MinionsDAO.MIS tokens are only available after Minions DAO governance approval, and MIS holders and LP Token holders can participate in Minions development through governance.

4, builds a cloud computing platform where ordinary users can participate, transparent revenue and liquidity

[Project advantages]

Technical core: Minions has a set of simple, URI format for game scenarios, can maximize and detailed description of NFT assets, and Minions is further trying to use PPK&ODIN protocol to achieve Minions URI format expansion, complete URI upgrade, more specific NFT asset description ability to the upper level data, provide detailed meta-information for the upper level, with self-description ability and scalability.

Casting pledge system: Minions NFT trading platform can pledge MIS casting NFT, once the fall below the pledge price MIS can be redeemed.This function determines the low price standard of NFT, so that excellent works will not be undervalued due to market environment fluctuations, promoting the survival of the fittest in the market.Secondly, the casting system will increase the initial NFT liquidity and reduce the panic for investors due to unknown investment risks.

[Project Time planning]

Minions time planning

In March 2019, —— market research and product prototype design

March 2020 —— prototyping, product development and testing

September 2020 ——Minions NFT DAPP framework argument and modified internal argument

In July 2021, ——Minions NFT launched the DAO governance token MIS

——Minions NFT launched in August 2021, Uniswap launched liquidity mining

In August 2021, ——Minions NFT launched a blind box to open the NFT computing power ecosystem

October 2021 —— community participation in future direction and functional iterations of the governance Minions platform

In December 2021, ——MinionsNFT served as an open prop for the game to build a cross-game ecosystem.

[Economic model]

Total MIS s: 3.6 million

1) for 5% (180,000)

2) crowdfunding accounts for 15% (540,000)

3) Community Developers Incentives for 15% (540,000)

4) pools 65% (2.34 million)

Consensus mechanism: NPOS consensus mechanism, all known as the nomination equity certificate, can effectively solve the centralized problem of DPOS and POW expansion problem, is one of the more effective consensus mechanism at present.NPOS will bring MIS high QPS (TPS) and low Gas, to greatly improve the NFT user experience

Mining mechanism: an average of 3 seconds (Heco), 10 days of linear release mechanism 50% / day (50% / day), 10% every 30 days, a total of 300 days (180 days of individual lock).

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