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HDFA hedge fund alliance to build the world's largest Encryption Digital hedge finance DeFi platform


The HDFA hedge fund alliance was established in August 2021. The alliance aims to build the world's largest DeFi platform for encryption digital hedge finance, providing investment and digital asset management channels for global digital game player. HDFA will set up a mature fund to hedge market by taking risk management as its source.


HDFA (hedge fund alliance) was established jointly by the grayscale fund and a number of world-renowned fund institutions.

Grayscale fund(Full name Grayscale Investment Trust)It is the world's largest fund focusing on cryptocurrency investment, It was established by digital currency group (DCG) in 2013,It is a channel for investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies。

In the alliance, Bridgewater associates has US $124 billion, JPMorgan asset management has US $47.7 billion, AQR capital management has US $88.98 billion and Baupost group has US $29.5 billion.

Hedge fund, also known as hedge fund or hedge fund, is a form of investment fund, which means "risk hedged fund". It uses various trading means to hedge, transpose, hedge and hedge to earn huge profits.

People call financial futures and financial options financial derivatives. They are usually used in the financial market as a means of hedging and avoiding risks.

Over time, in the financial market, some fund organizations use financial derivatives to adopt a variety of investment strategies for profit. These fund organizations are called hedge funds. Hedge funds have long lost the connotation of risk hedging. On the contrary, it is now generally believed that hedge funds are actually an investment model based on the latest investment theory and extremely complex financial market operation skills, making full use of the leverage utility of various financial derivatives, bearing high risks and pursuing high returns.

HDFA is the world's first dual public chain integrated distributed fund hedge blockchain platform. It is also the implementation and promotion platform of "fund hedge + blockchain" that master the underlying development technology of blockchain and has rich experience in financial market management and practice. It provides algorithm and technical support for the self-discipline and autonomy mechanism of OTC fund hedge trading market.

Hdfa hedge fund alliance cooperates with functional departments through various posts such as PC (personal financial adviser), IA (investment adviser), ACCA (Chartered Accountant), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CFP (International Financial Planner) to jointly create a mature fund hedge ecosystem based on hedge management.

HDFA was formally launched on DAPP in September 2021, which is also the HDFA alliance's huge investment. From October to November 2021, hdfa parent currency will be opened to improve the digital currency investment system and bring investment value-added benefits to users; In 2022, build a difi trading platform for decentralized perpetual contracts, start currency currency trading, and circulate digital currency globally. At the same time, the global online + offline circulation grass-roots level reflects the value of digital currency.

HDFA will recruit 30 fund ambassadors in the world, and 100000 hedge users worldwide will stop participating in hedge financing. HDFA private placement will be preferred to hedge users.

HDFA hedge fund alliance, set sail in the era of hedge market hedging.

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