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Gas Standard Volume Generator


The airbags are equipped with different sizes of inflators. In the event of a vehicle collision, the inflator inflates and deploys the airbag to protect the passengers. Since the first mass production of airbags in 1986, the inflator technology has evolved from a single-stage type using sodium azide as the gas generator to a two-stage inflator using a new solid gas generator. In recent years, due to the deviations in the use process between airbags and occupants related to the fit and passenger injury accidents have occurred, leading the world's leading airbag manufacturing companies such as TRW to explore new ways to develop more accurate airbag inflation and expansion. One of the promising developments is the two-stage inflator. Generally speaking, a "two-stage" inflator has two initiators (Initiators) that selectively produce different amounts of gas at different times. In fact, the unfolding time between the two initiators can be changed according to different combinations to obtain an adjustable range of gas generation (can be called "multi-stage" gas generator).

Gas generator advantages

1. No high-pressure, explosive gas container

2. Automatic detection of gas leakage

3. Ready to use, eliminating the need for repeated ordering and transportation of bottled gas

4. High purity and stable flow rate of transmission troubles

5. A number of important experiments need not worry about the gas source due to forced interruption

6. no need to worry about gas prices, labor costs rise year by year

7. Must be simple and convenient maintenance, low cost of use, without other

8. Other supplies compact design, small size, save laboratory space

9. Universal operation interface and diagnostic mode, so that you can easily understand the condition of the instrument.

Founded in January 2017, the company is a technology-based enterprise in which employees hold all shares. The company is mainly committed to the research and development of automation equipment, automatic transformation of equipment, research and development, manufacture and sales of high-precision transmission systems, providing customers with complete functions, excellent performance, safe and reliable products, equipment and services. Our company insists on continuous innovation around customer needs, increases investment in equipment automation research and high-precision transmission system research, and accumulates a lot to promote the development of automation in the machinery industry. The company has a 2000m2 machining and assembly site, which can realize the processing, manufacturing and research and development of various types of automation equipment and mechanical parts. The company currently has 30 registered employees, 2 technical experts, and enjoys the labor service allowance of the State Council, and another 10 people are hired for labor services.


Wei Nengqiang




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