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GHC, A Promising Candidates To Challenge SHIB And Win Praise From Tech Giants


GHC (Galaxy Heroes Coin), has been ranking the top six hot coins on CMC network (one of the largest virtual currency network in the world), which is also extremely popular on Twitter. How does it shoot stardom? What are the secrets behind the dark horse emerged from obscurity?


GHC is considered as the myth of the coin circle in October for 11 exchanges were listed in succession in just one month, during which time the price increased by nearly 100 times per hour at its peak. Besides, it was always on the way to create new highs, and the record can even be rewritten every week. After having created numerous wealth myths, it finally fights its way out in the NFT market!

Recently, GHC also sponsored a rocket research project launched by a well-known leader in coin circle who is also a well-known leader in automotive technology and rockets, within the realm of its capacity and continued to make unremitting efforts. This big shot posted publicly and liked the official account of GHC to show his support. In addition, his regular astronaut tweeted back to GHC officials (@GalaxyHeroesGHC): How to be a Galaxy Hero? She commended: As long as you have a dream nourished by hard work, then nothing stands on your way to be a Galaxy Hero. Everyone should be entitled with the right to explore the space!

Ⅰ, What Is GHC?

1. GHC (Galaxy Heroes Coin) is currently the only NFT coin featured space heroes and superheroes, which is used to appreciate those space heroes who have made outstanding contributions to human exploration of space, as well as superheroes in movies and comics.

2. GHC launches its own superhero series NFT, games and NFT platforms;

3. GHC sponsors the rocket research and development project of one automobile and technology expert, contributing to human exploration of space;

4. GHC cooperates with Marvel to launch Marvel series superhero NFT and shoots movies feature superheroes;

5. GHC aims to become the largest NFT platform in the BSC chain.

Practical significance and profound value were solidified in the white paper and plan released by GHC. Science and technology, future planning and space exploration emerged as the current mainstream and the direction to be conquered in the future.

Therefore, the consensus was quickly reached. GHC had more than 250 million coin holding addresses in just one month, and its market value directly exceeded $80 million. Among the newly listed 11 exchanges, the coin price has risen by more than 100 times since the opening, making a group of initial investors become millionaires, and the coin price still exhibits a spiral rising trend.

However, GHC is still in its infancy compared to BTC, ETH and SHIB that is progressing rapidly, which boast more than ten thousand times types of coins.

Who are the project proponents of GHC?

The rapid development of GHC (Galaxy Heroes Coin) is inseparable from a strong technical and operational team, as well as the financial support of powerful institutions.

Project proponents of GHC (Galaxy Heroes Coin):

Brian Sumner and OG Toby, as well as Anndy Lian and JK, two co-founders of the community, are all renowned project proponents within this circle. Teams led by them have been working on digital currency for many years and have made remarkable achievements.

GHC’s founder Brian Sumner

Brian Sumner, former Global Marketing Manager of BabyDoge, leads a senior block chain technology team and has rich marketing experience.

Anndy Lian: Founder of Asian block chain community and Board Member of Bigone Exchange.

JK: Manager of the global listed company BabyDoge.

Investors of GHC (Galaxy Heroes Coin):

ALF Fund Institution: ALF is a well-known investment institution in the coin circle with strong financial strength. ALF is very optimistic about GHC so that it has invested in GHC.

ALF fund organization

VT (senior investor): VT is a well-known investor in the coin circle and one of the largest investors in BabyDoge. This billionaire, with abundant capital strength, has already become a platform of GHC.

Well-known investor platform GHC

Celebrity HaHa Davis: As one of the most popular Twitter users in the United States with millions of followers, is devoted to GHC and supports the development of GHC.

HaHa Davis as a platform of GHC

Now, with the launch of virtual currency ETF (Exchange Trade Fund), virtual currency investment has set its foot on the official track, which is expected to witness the beginning of the bull market. Even social networking giant Facebook has begun to map out the metauniverse, mirroring the roadmap of GHC’s project, which shows GHC project’s long-term planning and unique vision. In this regard, entering the GHC track is a good choice.


Company:Galaxy Ecosystem LLC
Contact Person:Brian Sumner
Telephone:(440) 454 1268
Location:6654 Sacagawea St 
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
United States of America

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