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Break Free from Conventions: Nongfu Spring Plays well with Crossover to Create Big Hitters


It’s common knowledge that channel strategy plays an important part for a brand, which directly affects consumers' preference and product purchase. To win the hearts of consumers, Nongfu Spring has been working hard to adjust its channel strategy. From 2012, the marketing of Nongfu Spring starts moving in the right direction.

In 2016, Nongfu Spring officially launched the reform of the distributor system, eliminating a large number of small-scale or inefficient distributors and replanning the assigned areas of each distributors. This move brings considerable benefits to Nongfu Spring. Right after that, Nongfu Spring gradually shifts the focus of its channels: it makes good use of retail vending machines and new Internet channels to free itself from the shackles of the old channels and reverses the adverse situation in channel step by step. With the advent of the mobile Internet epoch, Nongfu Spring takes the initiative to launch advertisements and sponsor events in partnership with mainstream network platforms, and it bets on some phenomenal variety shows, such as The Rap of China and Idol Producer, which prove to be great success.

Beyond the shift in channels, Nongfu Spring also changes its marketing tools. Different from its radical and bold marketing method 10 years ago, Nongfu Spring now expresses its core in an emotional way and gradually precipitates and internalizes its brand value. Nongfu Spring thinks outside the box. It has a very creative idea to offer nonmembers the option of skipping the advertisement after watching it for 5 seconds. But inversely, more users choose to watch the whole advertisement carefully. At the same time, it wins great acclaim from users in the discussing posts on major social media. Nongfu Spring has created many other well-known Internet marketing cases beyond advertising on video platforms.

If people look back to the packaging bottle design of Nongfu Spring of recent years: limited edition Chinese Zodiac Bottle, Bottle of Poetry, Dreamy Allusion Bottle, Music Review Bottle, Bottle of the Imperial Palace and more, each can be reputed as synonymous with beauty. At this point, it is not too much to say that Nongfu Spring is the "aesthetic benchmark of domestic enterprises". As for Internet marketing, as an increasing number of young people poured into the Netease Cloud Music platform to express their feelings. Seeing these positive comments by young people on this network platform, in 2017, Nongfu Spring partnered with Netease Cloud Music to select 30 music reviews on Netease Cloud and printed them on 400 million bottles of Nongfu Spring, which endows the product of Nongfu Spring with different emotions and triggers consumers' emotional resonance. The emotional marketing also enhances its fine reputation in the hearts of consumers .

Nongfu Spring always thinks what young people think, which also facilitates to rejuvenate the brand. The marketing strategy of brand rejuvenation stands as another key for Nongfu Spring to be far better than its peers.

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