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Aluminum Alloy Trough Type Cable Tray(customized Products)


Generally speaking, the cable tray is used to protect the cable, and the cable warp is placed inside to play a protective role. Isn't it OK to use trunking for cable? Cable tray is specially used for laying large diameter cables, and wires are laid in trunking. Therefore, cable trays usually appear in some environments with high safety requirements. The appearance and shape of cable trays made of different materials are the same, but the specifications and sizes are different.            

(1) Determine the bridge width, the number of layers, the type and spacing of support points, and the distribution of cables on each layer of bridge.

(2) Calculate the uniformly distributed load (kn/ m2) of each layer of cable, and preliminarily determine the model and specification of the bridge.

(3) The bridge strength is checked and calculated according to the maximum total uniformly distributed load value of the cable

This product is aluminum alloy trough cable tray, which is a fully enclosed cable tray. It is most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and control cables of other highly sensitive systems. It has a good effect on the shielding interference of control cables and the protection of cables in heavy corrosive environment. Type selection design of cable tray: strong and weak current lines shall be laid in separate slots. When strong and weak current intersect in junction boxes (boxes), metal separation plates must be used to separate them. Strong and weak current conductors shall not be directly contacted in the trunking. All kinds of wiring in the ground trunking can only be connected at the outlet of the junction box. During the construction and installation of ground trunking, all trunking pipes are required to be connected into a reliable grounding whole.

Guizhou Feiyun cable tray Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of cable trays in China. After years of development and advanced manufacturing equipment, employees have received professional technical training and produced each product according to industry standards. This enterprise specializes in the production of a series of junction cable trays. Its main products include: trough type, tray type, cascade type, combined type and long-span steel cable trays and organic flame-retardant, bus duct, inorganic fire-proof series cable trays. There are three kinds of surface anti-corrosion treatments: painting, static electricity, plastic spraying and electroplating. It is suitable for laying all kinds of cables and pipelines. It can be used for metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, textile, electromechanical and other industrial and mining enterprises and indoor and outdoor places of hotel buildings, overhead cable laying or cable trench, laying in tunnels, long-span overpasses, etc. Since its inception, the company has continued to develop, market-oriented, quality for survival, excellence, establish a brand, and work hand in hand with you with sincere enthusiasm to explore the future, in exchange for your 100% satisfaction with perfect services.


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